A Dramatics client of 20 years introduces his fashion dolls

Timothy D. Bellava at the 23rd Street Event

What do the U.N., the Anti Defamation League, Sesame Street, American Girl, Africa and Australia all have in common?

They’re all places that Timothy D. Bellava has done his doll workshops. And Timothy brings fashionable dolls to a Dramatics NYC special hair fashion show event on 23rd Street. In fact the dolls wear the same fabrics that the live human fashion models do!

The 23rd Street event is a unique Dramatics event because not only are there fashion models walking the runway, but on display in the art gallery section of the salon are fashion dolls that Timothy created. The neighborhood event had a mix of Dramatics NYC hair salon clients as well as Dramatics ensemble members including Safari (GM), JD (last year’s Platinum PIAs Stylist of the Year winner) and Martini (salon manager of the Dramatics 23rd Street salon).

We caught up with Timothy at the 23rd Street event to talk with him about his fashion dolls.

D: Can you tell us about your dolls on display?

T: On display are several sage dolls that I’ve created through a workshop that is about twelve years old. It’s called the “We are all the same inside” sage doll making workshop. It talks and teaches adults and children about celebrating our common humanity instead of our differences. And each person who participates in it can make a doll however they wish: the skin tone, the costume.

D: We heard that you collaborated with the two designers from the fashion show?

T: I collaborated with the two designers in this show and basically used their scrap materials to dress up dolls that look like the models. And I even did the hair like the models. I took pictures of the models on my phone and then did the hair and makeup like the dolls.

D: You’ve been a client of Dramatics for two decades?

T: I’ve been a patron of Dramatics since I’ve been in New York – about twenty years. And Martini is a fun loving person and she invited me. And I said “I have a red carpet, I’ll bring the red carpet.” I loved working with Martini. And with my doll workshop I’ve been to the U.N. – the Anti Defamation League has worked and celebrated with me. Also Sesame Street, American Girl. I’ve done a lot of things with the workshop. I’ve even gone to Africa and Australia with it. And now I’m at Dramatics New York.

D: Can you tell me a little more about what the dolls dressed up as models is all about? Can you tell me what it represents?

T: I always wanted to cross market my work with a fashion designer. And I know that fashion is about the surface…It sometimes divides people. But my dolls brings people together because we’re celebrating our common humanity. So why not fuse the surface and the interior and celebrate our common humanity. And of course everyone has a style and let’s just celebrate our style and not be judgmental about what someone’s wearing or not. You know what I mean?

Yes Timothy we do – it’s all about looking and feeling your best no matter what. And thank you for sharing your fashion dolls at the Dramatics NYC 23rd Street hair fashion event!


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