Dramatics NYC (DNYC) hair salons throughout New York City are helping to create the whole individual. Our clients get haircuts for many reasons like before a first date, before job interviews, and a night out on the town, so we help install confidence by my making you look good and feel good.

We inspires professional creativity and team building within our staff, clients and everyone who enters. The atmosphere in every DNYC salon is relaxed and holistic; on occasion our clients sometimes stop in on their coffee breaks just to get away from their everyday dread.

Since 1984, Dramatics NYC is the most successful hair salon chain in New York and has been in the business of haircuts for 35 years.

We are specialists in cutting & coloring techniques to give you an expert cut & color. Because we believe in education through innovation, frequent professional development and training, we stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques to provide an uncompromising quality across all of our salons.


The DNYC Academy

Curated Education & Training

Cutting, Coloring, Styling, Customer Service, and Consultation Skills are all part of our courses at The Academy.

All DNYC stylists are required to obtain their advanced training and skill certification at The DNYC Academy. The curriculum was developed by Larry Kolber and a team of professional stylists and trainers.

Find the perfect DNYC products for shampooing, conditioning, and styling to give your hair the dramatics it deserves.

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