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Are you someone that wants to change there look? Why not start a new trend or new style that extenuates your looks?  Over time hair and fashion have come in many forms.  A variety of styles have been influenced by many cultures and regions. For hundreds of years hairstyles and cuts have been symbols of ones race, status, age, and gender. In this new day and age a hair cut and style define you. When getting a hair cut many thoughts pass through your mind as well as your stylist. The first is making sure your client and stylist communicate so you both are at an understanding of what is being done. The first step is washing the hair which is very important it allows for your stylist to cut your hair in a more manageable state. This is not always the case when it comes to curlier hair types. Different kinds of hair require different methods.  The main purpose of a hair cut is shape ones hair and make sure it maintains healthy. By cutting the ends of your hair it prevents breakage going all the way up to the shaft at the scalp.  Here at Dramatics NYC we can help you achieve that look that your going for by giving you the perfect hair. Jade who is one of the stylist here at Dramatics NYC takes a special interest in all kinds of haircuts. Her creative mind and personality allow for detailed cuts that are one of a kind.


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