Behind the Scenes of the Star Stylist Platinum PIA


Did you know that Dramatics NYC in addition to making New Yorker’s gorgeous is involved in community education?

It all starts with the Star Stylist Platinum PIA… The Star Stylist Platinum PIA also known as Stylist of the Year (S.O.T.Y.) is the most prestigious award that a hair stylist can win in New York City.

And in 2012 the award went to Traffic of the Dramatics NYC Broadway salon.

Now a new crop of stylists are entering the race, one from each of Dramatics’ 9 locations throughout Manhattan.

These nominees are being shepherded by stylists Harley and Armani, both 2012 Platinum PIAs winners themselves. Harley won a PIA for directing the Magic Neighbors Theater Company production of Fairy Tale Magic Shows while Armani garnered the PIA for “Best Manager”.

Recently, as the first quarter of the year 2013 came to a close, these 9 talented Star Stylist PIA nominees met to go over what’s in store for the upcoming three remaining quarters. Along with three haircuts and a charity event, the next level of the hair fashion tasks involves making New Yorker’s of various professions look and feel their best.

The sequence of professions that are involved take their cue from those honored in the monthly Lights Camera Read at the library volunteer workshop series. This series features New Yorker’s of various jobs and entrepreneurial ventures including Firefighters, Teachers, Musicians, Artists, Police Officers, Actors, Veterans, Hospital Staff Members and Constructions Workers. They educate kids, teens and career changers at libraries, community centers and even a branch of the state University of New York.

Lights Camera Read – which was co-founded by Dramatics’ long time digital media and communications consultant – was created in 2009 to engage artists, entrepreneurs and media professionals in a collaborative educational process.

Then in 2010 Lights Camera Read produced the first Platinum PIAs Awards ceremony. This initial incarnation of the PIAs focused primarily on recognizing NYC community members for their outstanding accomplishments in the art and science of building communication and media education.

Dramatics came on board for the second annual PIAs in 2011 with CEO Rock and General Manager Safari heading up the Beauty Arts division. Hence the PIAs have now become known as “The Community Awards Show of Educational Media and the Beauty Arts”.

Both the Beauty Arts and Educational Media divisions of the PIAs are decided through independent committees made up of community members and relevant experts.

The Beauty Arts Platinum PIAs include Star Stylist (Stylist of the Year), Manager of the Year, Receptionist of the Year, Salon of the Year and Haute couture Hair. The Educational Media Platinum PIAs per Lights Camera Read include DigiComArts, Media Space NYC, Celebrity, Review Me NYC, NYC Workshops, Magic Neighbors (the PIA Harley won for 2012) and NYC Media Solutions.

And just who are the New Yorker’s and their jobs that the Star Stylist PIA nominees will be making beautiful and happy throughout the year in the build to the 4th Annual Platinum PIAs Awards in January 2014?

Check out the list below. Please pick your favorite stylist and support him or her to win Star Stylist Platinum PIA 2013! And as the build to the PIAs ceremony further unfolds, check out through press coverage the various exciting tips and hair care regiments being used for New Yorker’s of different vocations and entrepreneurial efforts to look and feel their best!

Emerald of the 5th Avenue Dramatics
will be be helping Firefighters
look and feel their best.

Sassy of Dramatics 57th Street
will be helping Teachers
look and feel their best.

Pink of the 34th Street Dramatics
will be helping Musicians and
those in the World of Nightlife
look and feel their best.

Platinum of 3rd Avenue Dramatics
will be helping Artists
look and feel their best.

Levi of the Sixth Avenue Dramatics
will be helping Police Officers
look and feel their best.

Gloss of the Columbus Avenue Dramatics
will be helping Actors look and
feel their best.

Maybelline of the 47th Street Dramatics
will be helping Veterans look
and feel their best.

Ariel of the 23rd Street Dramatics
will be helping Hospital Staff Members
look and feel their best.

Karma of the Broadway Dramatics
will be helping Construction Workers
look and feel their best.


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