Dramatics 23rd Street Love is in the Hair

Dramatics NYC’s 23rd street salon is known as the location where “Love is in the Hair” as per their Facebook Page.

And indeed positive, compassion and heart warming style can be found there.

One of their stylists, Ariel, has had the honor of being nominated for the Star Stylist Platinum PIA with the awards ceremony coming in January 2014.

Ariel does both hair and makeup which makes him a formidable fashion force when it comes to creating the total look.

He also enjoys what he does and passes on the love through his work as well as honoring those making a difference in our great city.

He is committed to making all New Yorkers look and feel their best and has had some wonderful experiences with beautifying those in the medical profession, a job area that he considers very important.

But Ariel is quick to add that there are many important jobs in  New York City including two of the most meaningful being the roles of mom or dad.

Ariel worked his magic recently on a New Yorker mom giving  her gorgeous highlights and a stunning cut and style. This mom is also one of Ariel’s valued hospital worker clients – she is a nurse.

At the Platinum PIAs Ariel will be featured doing a loving hair fashion homage to those in the field of medicine.

What are other ways “Love is in the Hair”? How about the fact that the new manager of 23rd street is actually named Love!

Love, a superb stylist herself, invites you to come visit the 23rd street location if you haven’t already and experience the amazing staff of hair designers including Athena, Jasmine, Magenta, Caramel, Bliss and Martini.

Also, Dramatics 23rd street is running a special promotion this month for first time customers who pre-book their second visit with the same stylist. Those doing so will receive 15% off the second visit!

Plus Love wanted to express her deep appreciation for all the wonderful clients who are regulars and frequent the 23rd street location.

Love is thankful for their enthusiasm and patronage and for trusting their cut, color and style needs to 23rd street.

Love is in the hair!


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