Fabulous Fashion & Honoring New Yorkers

Dramatics NYC not only helps residents of the Big Apple look and feel fabulous and fashionable, but in a trend that was explored in December at the 2012 Platinum PIAs Awards – Dramatics is giving back.

Each month in 2013 in the build to the 4th Annual Platinum PIAs in December, Dramatics NYC honors New Yorkers and the jobs they do by helping them to look and feel their best… This means that each month a different breed of New Yorker will be acknowledged and given props – firefighters, teachers, those in the music industry and so forth.

Last month, January, the focus was on firefighters. These brave heroes indeed deserve our gratitude and thanks for the great job they do. So Dramatics celebrated firefighters in two different ways: (1) through a trendy article in “Hell’s Kitchen Hair” magazine featuring Dramatics’ own Platinum PIA winner Armani, as well as (2) through supporting Lights Camera Read’s Teen Workshop Program at the New York Public Library.

Armani, of Dramatics 57th Street, won the “Best Manager Platinum PIA” and can be seen featured in this “Hell’s Kitchen Hair” article talking about “Haircare for Firefighters”.

And this past January, members of the Dramatics Team, participated in the NYC Workshops Lights Camera Read Series @ Teen Central New York Public Library where young people learned about what it’s like to be a firefighter. This occurred through an inspirational presentation by a New Yorker who is both a firefighter and an actor.



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