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d0140735c3a0f6184db4a9cfdcb82d69?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Therese
Caramel is superb at her craft!! I trust her completely. Thank you always for the right guidance...
df1799f14abb308a759be549434bc8f8?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Nina
Caramel is not only great at her job but her warm and cheerful personality attracts me to Dramatics!!
241dd9d2aabf2d90a12e06e23fecc866?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Kimberly Roma
when I moved to the city 4 years ago, I was so nervous to find a hair stylist I could rely on and trust. I moved close to Dramatics on 2nd ave, this is where I found Caramel. Even after moving to the UWS, I travel to Caramel for my hair appointments. She always gives her professional opinion and guidance during the consultation, what is amazing about her is that she treats me as attentively and careful as if I were a brand new client every time I visit her. Thank you Caramel!
df705a0a5f08e12d61d020c3461733a0?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Sadia
If I want to makeover for me I would like to go to Caramel than anyone in NY. She is most talented girl I have ever seen. She knows her works very well and makes her clients very happy all the time by good work. She is very knowledgeable about new fashions and also all kinds of face and hair treatment. So I would recommend everyone to make an appointment with her to get best quality service.
6ebdacbc8027996fe39454c3f99aea63?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Hossain
Caramel dose my hair cut and color last 4 years.she always does good job on me.And also like the environment of the salon.
132cd2ab9f2e8f2b4bc31c1c6b26a0d5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Andres
Caramel gives me terrific hair cuts! She always follows specific instructions I give her. Would recommend her to my friends.
6c0043a2bd600016660df6183261d86e?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Sylvia dudock
Caramel does my hair always beautiful and modern.everytime she blowdry my hair full with lots of volume.
26689b0710e63b61316a5e1d52d2f409?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Shaf Hasan
Excellent service. I'm very satisfied with Carmel, Spice, Caesar and others.
e79be8459c4f34bdc1748dd7c30b457a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Erica curiale
Caramel is so great! She always makes sure I am happy and is so pleasant to spend time with! I have been coming to her for 2 years now! She is wonderful
9c4034c959bb95fbad13b161f4ba31d9?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Adam Schiff
Caramel has been cutting my hair for 5+ years and she nails it everytime. She is truly the best and I look forward to seeing her every few weeks!
cc8e6aa51d0232dd553d39e289932d4e?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Sheri
Great color everytime - and great styling after the color
d6d9b50805a051fa0d6686e9589cb32a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Aly
Caramela was phenomenal! She totally fixed my dry, dead hair and made it beautiful!
992673585dc30360bc7a44f303c407fd?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Rosanna
Carmela is fantastic with hair color, haircut, balayage. She is very professional and knowledgeable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! 🙂
d845cb0c1c68d51934d5c0ba97946558?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Hasnaean
Highly satisfied .she did my balayage highlight & cooler .
b99b38bd1b9b52b5d7379301561ac63d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Georgette
Come for a makeover and Caramel was great. I absolutely love my new haircut and balayage. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I'm very happy. 🙂
eafa2054dda6d2c8873e3d85ac408ca4?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Shweta
Carmel has always been so good. Been getting haircuts from her for a year now. Never been disappointed.
8ce567821a5bd2c0c478592eed172076?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Alex
Caramel has cut my hair a few times now and each time has been really amazing. Come here just to see her
85f089bf8d44f90a3e7142038e513766?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Tum's
Caramel did my balayage highlights.she did awesome job.balayage queen .love my hair.
b2f9d78cca9e8f6aac1fa4ba6d8c187d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Lamisa
Caramel cut my hair beautifully !!! She did a perfect job.
37f03fc9da87be3f7dd1164b5b65ac34?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Lauren
Caramel is great! She always does a great job wit my cut and blow out. She also did an amazing job with my balayage.
10788b03ba52400b5cfb6161c48da534?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Susan C
Caramel has cut my hair for several years now.. she's a master at the perfect a-line bob! I get complimented all the time on my hair- from people I don't know! And it grows out beautifully, and is easy to style. She's amazing.
5e4b06457f602d35914989a2b3ef2397?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Joanna
I rarely know what style I want and every time I come and see Caramel she makes me look fabulous. Wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of my hair!!! Also she is sweet as can be. I look forward to my hair appointments 🙂
3a727a06b3f2c655b63d223d07b17127?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel John
Very good hairdresser. Caramel can communicate and give exactly what you want in a style, so long as you know exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise I am sure she can create a style which would be suitable, after an additional consultation. In my case Caramel gave me exactly what I wanted, after showing her some pictures of models with the style I was looking for. Five Stars, no hesitation.
3873a61dcc0b73757d08e9a6b37d42e6?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Cynthia
Caramel is the best! Always professional and knows my hair so well. I always love how my highlights and cut come out!
758f95d3234180915d3b51a38a20b048?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Yeli
Caramel is an awesome stylist who knows how to bring not only wonderful customer service but also brings to the table a great skill set and a high level of creativity. Love my cut everytime!
2fd70118b65d6c9a4a0af71272f237fe?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Elisa Soares
Caramel is a professional friend that I will miss. She was always ready to help me and the results always fantastic.
10faa85f39a931bd994a1a8fe5d9cd40?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Akmaral
Caramel is absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7a8030b9adcc27e10b72936259ef7944?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Suzanne
Caramel is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7923118d184226fd431d0764a165c81f?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Emma
I wanna thank Caramel first cuz I really like the way she did my hair and my hair looks so nice.
b1d115b6a80755c0f66b9e1a345a1bfe?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Lori
Delightful to work with; very talented! Always a pleasure to visit.
b50d454bbf22f51c017290db8b14fd7c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Caramel Sharon Hovenberg
Accidentally left my review on Caramels log-in. She didn't review herself! I did and she definitely deserves both of these reviews. I love her and my hair every time.

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