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a7b36fc99f03cdea9c51147f420c9247?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Scott
Really listened well! Wonderful haircut! Highly recommend.
96b8ab83f5266f796781120bc5fbc8c6?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Nick
Excellent service. I highly recommend and will be returning for my next cut
61db90b52de7153bea13d157985dc14b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea David
Over my five years of living and getting haircuts in New York City, I have never been treated so attentively and professionally as that by Chelsea. The best haircut in years.
658c037c3e1ff8f058ba1d25cc6909b0?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Amber
Amazing, I came in a total mess but now leaving looking and feeling fresh. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you thank you thank you.
23dc30844b1fe6249e1bc65fd624d679?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Ayesha
Very very satisfied with the service. Chelsea was very good and gave me exactly the kind of haircut I wanted. Would definitely recommend.
c371d1e0328c3eb106630e0937bee18a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Sarah E
Chelsea was very friendly and listened to what I wanted to do with my hair, and made it work! I'm very happy with my hair!
2b002a58d14c0f3abf9c39bd70083963?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Sarah
Chelsea gave me the best haircut I have had in years! She was extremely professional, taking great care in every detail of my experience from wash to blow dry. She is certainly committed to her craft and I would recommend her to anyone!
dffbed960126a885129d600950129f90?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Keri
Chelsea was so pleasant and did exactly what I asked - very pleased with her services!
d07ee8cd809f5ad3dc330f5d9af3559f?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Siobhan
Chelsea did an amazing job and was very receptive to what I asked of her! Thanks Dramatics NYC!
8ae1fa0ac1c48c72d75d7e00fe1312d6?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Yiping
Chelsea is an excellent stylist. She really understood my hair texture and gave me a cut that was high style but also low maintenance. In addition she has a very complementary, warm and pleasant personality. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely come back to her!
238012722154ed3cadf5fe3ea0c1f245?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Jackie
I am often very indecisive, which is why I haven't gotten even a trim in 2.5 years! She helped me figure out what would look good and still be low maintenance. The cut is great! My hair is soft and the layers are flattering!
23ccc5a51fc2b8ed9d59bde8aeb21774?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Ilona
Great cut! Growing out a pixie is tough work but she helped me find a cut and style that looks perfect!
1b252d93ebef788dd17c2c38e696ee5d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Jon
Amazing - she immediately understood how my hair grows and chose a cut and style that was right for me. 5 stars!
c4a08d3c5e361bf59bdd908075765f6e?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Sarah Ruiz
Excellent haircut- from long and unruly to short and light and stylish. All around great!
1b252d93ebef788dd17c2c38e696ee5d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Jon
Amazing - she immediately understood how my hair grows and chose a cut and style that was right for me. 5 stars!
a6b405de9b6736251374e861a465bba5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea KC Magali
Very detailed, patient and my hair looks amazing! Totally recommend her for your next haircut!
d0c50852c26d7ec85315dfb690ba1f79?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Miglio
Very accurate and detailed hairdresser, amazing! Also very friendly and professional attitude
417acd1994ae4c218bf4ee609c3c5344?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Barbara
Chelsea has a big personality. She is delightful with a can do attitude and lucky for me the talent to match it!
25d1ad08b1907e3910228ec66428fe79?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Nicole.Hatoun
I have returned to have my haircut with Chelsea because she is a very attentive to details and has done a great job with my layers. She is also very n nice.
03ea1c31eae6895254e4269711d2130b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Johanna
Amazing! Super hair cut. Could not be happier !! Thank you so much
e23f003b2a39bd15aac4a7936d2647a5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Pete
Very good cut would come back again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4bdd149213ac218ae84475ea0da8cf17?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Sally Overheu
Great experience! Excellent cut and blowout. Will definitely be back!!
22e20d31b8d4d0154d10f46a5664d9fd?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Clay
Chelsea does a great men's haircut! She takes her time and makes sure it's perfect. She also really listens to the customer. I'll be coming back
fbb770af51fb4b72dcaa80801abc3c2b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Danielle
Chelsea was so great! She spent a lot of time to make sure the color of my hair was exactly what I wanted and suggested what would look good. I am so happy with the cut and color and will be returning!
a957bf9617730af58e4306f180e1e0bc?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Paula
Chelsea was fantastic! She gave me an excellent haircut. She was extremely thoughtful and took her time. I will be back!
033e85dde010a3153722722d4f890751?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Sarah
She was lovely to talk to and we brainstormed hair ideas . I went in for a simple cut and braid but appreciated how easy and comfortable it was to be in her chair.
bd81fd95634fcaa85f9216e3156ffc52?s=25&d=mm&r=g Chelsea Amanda pierce
Very good hair dresser. Really listens to what you want. I will definitely be coming back here to get my hair cuts

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