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385177b06cedc6eb0a5f8460e43250ff?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Erin
I loved my hair!!! Ex special my purple color in my back.I loved my blonde highlights,the services was excellent!! The whole team was awesome!! Thank you so much to Jade !!!🌼🌼🌼🌼
b388a444e6f903720e263eeb995b8a06?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Barbara
jade is so nice and so talented!!!I only will go to see jade!!!πŸ©πŸ•πŸ•πŸ’
d38444fc9511c6c0bb1dff545f027a82?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Monica
Jade has been doing my hair for years. I have never been diappointed wth any style or advise she gives me. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
4d9b82a15a45f5f79ffd71e248693ffa?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Lisa Moore
I have been coming to see Jade for my blonde highlights and haircuts at Dramatics for over 2 years. Being blonde, highlights can be tricky to get that perfect shade of blonde but Jade knows exactly how to acheive that, I wouldnt trust anyone else with my highlights. Not only is Jade a fabulous hair artist she's an amazing person and has such a positive spirit, I look forward to coming in every few months!
1a61fcd24b8f6adbf15521e24a8dab4d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Lucy
Jade is the best! She's gotten my hair out of a few messes. And I feel great about how I look again. Thank you, Jade!
1b4db1254740f93bfefb1ecc8350a9c1?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Richard
I have been going to Jade for over 7 years! She is amazing and does great work. She is a true pro. Thank you Jade!
7abccbd40c290b4ebffdddc36abf95fa?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Annie
Very happy with how my hair turnedout , I wasn't exactly sure whati wanted and jade made suggestions and got the color and cut perfect ! Will defiately be bck to see her
1db0026e11e752f1b2090d256c82d467?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Sona lakhanpal
Jade is the best there isi the world. Have lived in many places and nobody compares withJade.
a5b4cb71af8b817548fcb54951c6a360?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Jodi Goldberg
I have been a client of Dramatics for 14 years and the experience is always positive! Jade is a fabulously enthusiastic person and makes me look and feel wonderful each time I visit - which is often! Thank you to everyone at the 2nd Avenue store!
13cd1371599f699ec53c955063c246a4?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade MECKI
Jade took her time and suggested a color and a cut that worked really well. Very happy with the result.
aeb794ae39efedd43c05a404c6c87b57?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Simone wang
I have been lookingfor a right stylistto cut my hair until I found jade,she is terrific and she is an artist!!!
eb6ad9606a8c3148a3dafc9879864773?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Fanny yeung
jade was my client,then we became friend,after several years she finally cut my hair,I love my hair cut abd color,I will only go to jade!!
8b9426864734dbebb8bef658f29ad6c7?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade John z
Jade is artisanal stylist, never before have I had such a cool haircut. I have been a loyal customer for 4 years, and would never think of going anywhere else,
fa271e75af1ff379a47db517ec51796d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade David
Jade is very professional and a perfectionist, does a great job styling your hair!
c1fd48908a9423d1e281f578fcb4db99?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Muimui
jade hs been cutti my hair for several years, she is a great hair cutte,pecfert,precise, and she has a great personality, I highly recommend!!
a5248b6f06048c19cb757ac6c93d3965?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Hope Ross
Jade is a highly gifted and talented hairdresser, skille&.I love jade !!!! with both color and scissors. She is also a delightful person.
d96a10d62000ebc673eb784b5493e621?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Victoria
Jade,has,always,been anexcellant hairdresser and agreat friend to me for many years!!!
21368816a3400964175414bd14561d40?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade mitch
Jade gave me a great cut and color. I wear my hair short.
b52fed0e4380543a6434866f019bdc15?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Cloe
OMGGG!!! Jade is such a good hair stylist!! She cut my hair exactly how i want it!! Jade is definitely one of the best stylists I've ever met.
6c485ff2de770258242b6c2c182d412b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Lauren
Wow, where to begin, what an incredible salon! This was my first visit, from the second I walked through the door I felt welcomed. Jade listened to my haircut wish and did such an amazing job making it a reality. Can't wait to show off my hair!! I will definitely be returning.
39ae99f81ba075f46639bdff6914cdd0?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade JuMe
Look at my hair! Look wt my transformation! Jade makes my haircut look fabulous. She takes such care in making sure my Bob cut is completely straight. She always styles my hair so everyone compliments myhaircut. I felt terrible I totally forgot my appointment but she was so forgiving! Who is better than Jade?!
af18c0556227c069eee1bc61e244774c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Martha quiroz
Shes amazing and does an excellent job. She's also listens to you and gives you advice.
92611521af6d9df1d699a8590b8d34bf?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Barbara
jade is amazing. She is a pro with experience that is visible in her calm confidence, professional, friendly demeanor and great skill. I have a ton of thick, coarse hair and she makes it look great every time. I'm so glad to have found her!
34db452661e7762f6243e4471db8bf4c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Blake
My longer hair is growing in nicely thanks to Jade and her amazing skills! I only wish I found Jade years ago!
03d55582c3ea8d3e5abc9164b22812a8?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Charles
Jade you are right. My girlfriend love my hair cut thank you.
c54bee9775ab630f1b41d8ea53f443e6?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Jesyka
Jade was fabulous! She gave me exactly the blunt Bob I was looking for.
31627825e9a21b441421b32d226c0da3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Daryl sSherman
I've been I My e I have always found Jade to be an especially good listener., giving thought and taking extra time to consider what truly suits her client. She is an experienced pro and in my observation of the salon , a valuable team player. I
db67d4e8f8c1f0d3de23311c178a21a5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Marina
If you want the right color of blonde even on the finest hair, you MUST see Jade. Thank you for your craziness xoxo
a8f6a8cd3bc03e78ef05a13a7a21ba00?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Lesley
Thank you, Jade for listening so well. You have talent and I am always pleased with the result. Our conversations are fun, too. I've received many good comments on my new style.
8582da07ef7da42b64e388524cce8ec5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Rosie
I've recommended Jade to many people. She is special because she listenes to her clients.
6cfd9214e010d613894a5e5743fa5c1a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Rosario
Jade is amazing.she somehow gets my vague explanations and patiently looks at the photos I show her of people who look nothing like me, and I end up with the perfect cut, every single time. She is nice, fun and talented and I am a very happy customers.
b9550fe4ac4604b848b5d91cb34bbb00?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade DebbieS
Jade had been taking care of my hair for over 5 years. I absolutely love how much she cares about my cut, color, highlights, conditioning treatments, and more. I love that she is truly obsessive of the little details that go into a cut or color. She also works hard to make sure that I understand what services I am getting and is upfront about the costs ahead of the services - so there are no surprises at check out πŸ™‚ I have recommended her to all my friends and everyone is pleased. She is not only the best hairdresser I have ever gone to, she is a wonderful person who works hard to make sure each customer is very happy with all the services they receive. You won't regret making an appointment with Jade!
13dec033afcf6faab69b6e3e372ca8df?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Louis
Jade design my hair to look much younger. Thank you for your excellent cut.....
0eb5eca6490723edcab746c373104dfc?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Nikki
Jade has more than a gift, she has an eye for color and a heart of gold! With so much experience and years seasoned in the biz she is by far one of the elite in the city. I have been with her for many many years and will continue to be!
fbba7ce6b7fa3247444f661c0cc1307d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Rohit
I have been going to jade for two years time - she is an extremely nice person, affable and extremely professional. Moreover, she gives the best haircuts I have ever had with an unparalleled attention to detail. I recommend her without reservation.
7978dd7c80159e61f83983b0e470a271?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Mk
Been seeing jade for over 6 years. She is Extremely talented. Love the color and cut every time.
17ae922538f9c5f085abbe2df5f220db?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Evangeline
Jade is so professional. My best friend refer me to Jade to have my hair done. I love the the hair cut and color that Jade design for me. Love it....
a56d98eab6f0b60874053e01d3a04a16?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade May
Jade knows what she's doing and loves to do it from the bottom of her heart. My hair always looks stylish and easy to maintain. Jade definitely is a kick-ass stylist
f8a625f708aeb26a4c4c04a42555d54d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Julia
Jade is wonderful. She has a great eye for color. She will listen to what you like and added her input. Always walk out from the Salon and feel beautiful.
454679df42813ee2990b7430971f751f?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Terry
Jade is AMAZING! There is no better colorist and stylist in NYC - she is a true artist. Everywhere I go, people want to know who does my color and cut. I have followed her around for 13 years and would be lost if she ever left!
1600c2cfcf2e882ccf2961cac37f66c3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade K Green
Jade is a very nice and pleasant. She greets me with a big smile and my time spend with Jade is wonderful. I love my hair cut and looking forward to tell my friends about this salon.
c6c322516aabd0979df7953385a34af9?s=25&d=mm&r=g Jade Cecilia Dewolf
Jade is gifted - always delivering a brilliant cut and stunning color. Probably one of the finest hairdressers in the tri-state region and beyond.

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