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52ef3001861a1a6e71a2dc0309495dc5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Jenifer
Great service from Maybelline!!, she is talented and great at making you feel at home.
a0e5da729e9085a697d92a8ce21dcaf3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Sonia villanuenueva
MY EXPERINCE WITH mybellyne have been excellent , very professional, she knows her job well I reccommend her very highly. .
29e20344572422aa2d51315877b3c8f0?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Linda ayares
Excellent colorist who makes positive recommendations to enhance client's appearance and style. Loved her suggestion of darken the ends of my hair - Trendy but professional. Best of all she is a warm, thoughtful and positive individual and it is always a joy to come into the salon to see her.
a1253453736ba2c4192e93830b488e0b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Karen
maybelline rocks!! She always does exactly what i want and every haircut comes out great! She fixed a color nightmare I had done myself miraculously!
d82e3a0119cedfa4e84646834fe0bc20?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Christopher
maybelline is simply the best - she does a phenonenal job with both cuts and color and I always leave looking and feeling like a million bucks. Thank you Maybelline and Dramatics!
599833280f05a76ec08738720282c949?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Jocelyn berkman
Maybelline is the absolute best!! She fixed my hair color when I got an awful job done elsewhere and she gives the best cuts and colors 😀😀
1db318d7a49de3dc804064c2a7128493?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Stephanie
maybelline was great! Very detailed and good recommendations! Haircut and blowout came out amazing!
3a18c2075b72d155732ab984ae94e03a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Delina Fajardo
I have been to this salon three times and had different stylist each time as I have been trying to find my stylist. Maybelline was the best because she is so kind and attentive to detail. She really has the clients best interst of her clients in mind. She found fun ways to bring life to my hair. She is a fun, positive and light hearted person and I will be back to see her for sure.
e249e6163a84e9a951c01edc27420d1b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Angie kantor
I always have a positive experience when I come to Dramatics but most importantky whenever I'm out of town and het a blowouti ALWAYS get incredible compliments on my cut and color! I alwyas feelgreat because of MAYBELINE!!!!!!
6540a6444f40ca3392a1e233c0f069bd?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Hannah Portes
A fantastic stylist for my first visit and she, are my hair look better than it has in quite a while. S he was very sweet and friendly and I will definitely return
ea2952ddc65d0e19269bfff3ac03b553?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Thomas
Maybelline is the best of the best and awfully nice too. Thank you so much.
020de2b27e01b96b312cdd24c182cbda?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Jessica
Excellent service with a talented young lady. She's polite, efficient and dedicated to doing a great job.
2d3f2f7c9dede2e749bf57924a34103c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Kishore mirchandani
She is great human being and professional. she is always on time and sensitive to my time pressures
677bd895ea3919c462eda9273a3db85a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Neus
Maybelline is a great professional. She listens to what you want and doesn't push you to do other things. Plus she is very nice and funny
981e0a0775929f030a7f6b22a766e8c4?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Dmargaret sullivan
Maybelline has been a wonderful stylist . I was worried when Spring left but those feelings are now happiness. Maybelline does a awesome job with fun and I appreciate her experience.. I am considering Maybelline for my stylist in the future......xxxooo
d077c3bc10e85d67973b3ea085028b61?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Milagros Ramos
I'm very pleased with the way Maybelline does my hair. I find she cares about her clients and is very understanding and pleasant. A very nice person
08a81e523fe55c5d7af7567ea8530245?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Jacky
Maybelline is the best. She gives an honest opinion and I always leave the salon looking better than I anticipated
e61bf6931b8f41b9098e37e049ec14f3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Beer dormer Gabi
Wonderful job, Maybelline, just as usual. Nobody does my hair like you do:)!
db01d417482999e466655ae9bdc48a5d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Christine
Maybelline did an amazing job on my hair ! She knew exactly what I wanted even though I was unsure as to what it was I actually wanted. Her professionalism and amazing personality was more than I could have asked for. She is such a beautiful person along with being an amazing artist. The quality of her work is fantastic, so much that I will never allow anyone to do my hair if it isn't Maybelline. Thank you so much!!
31e56d594229512bf6dcdedee739c9ac?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Amber Estremera
Maybelline is an amazing artist. She treats your hair with love and kindness. She is extremely talented and always greets you with a warm welcome. She has brought my hair back to live and I am more then greatful.
131e8bc505a1f7f419dd3c836a310995?s=25&d=mm&r=g Maybelline Debra
I have been going to Maybelline for just over one year now. I have long straight hair and the color, condition and cut of my hair is the best it has ever looked!! She listens to what you want and takes great pride in her work. Love her!

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