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4ee4c4cb6ab916b11c9b8d85fe0a079e?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Janet
Turbo is the best hairdresser I have ever been to. 👌
8324f03b72b8e6ff079b99c343475bd6?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Ursula
Turbo has been my beautician for the last 9 years and not even once. have I had any complaints with my color or cuts, It was always perfect. If you need a good hair stylist, I highly recommend turbo.
6b3de403480844927092403bbf03a05b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Aya Hayashi
I've beena client of Turbo's for eight years.As a Japanese-American, it's difficult to find a stylist who cuts Asian hair well. I don't let anyone else cut my hair now. He's a true artist when it comes to cutting and coloring hair. I've had longer hair, pixie cuts, more traditional highlights, and bright, yellow, green, teal, and red. I have had the opportunity to volunteer as a model for hs work, and i've been disappointed. Turbo's truly the best.
09603caca19551fef3e45d75832cb665?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Kevin.O
I've been going to Dramatics for I think close to 10 years. Turbo has been cutting my hair and providing highlights on my short hair for the same 10 years. He uses the foil method for applying color, and since I have a short men's style he is able to make the highlights even and longer lasting this way. I moved to San Francisco 3 years ago and still make time almost monthly to see Turbo at Dramatics on 2nd Ave. For sure when it's time for highlights I schedule a New York trip.
20cd2c24082a1295984ff232ae263a53?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Grace Alber
Love dramatics, they are very nice and welcoming to customers.
1d68f5a7012e90191e3fb979b3ad54a3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo John kim
Always look great after seeing Turbo. Turbo has been cutting my hair for over 5 years, he is the best.
12ddecbc3f6bd115d7cd0796c8fbdc61?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Patti
Turbo is the best! A great colorist and hair stylist.
750279242cb3c16298bb95536f484075?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Erick
Turbo is fantastic! Always a great haircut--and quick!
f7cb1c71ac87eb97198468f0617e0e7d?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Susan
I been coming to Turbo about 7 years now. It is alway a great experience with Turbo. My cut and color alway looks Amazing. Definitely recommend Turbo at Dramaticnyc2ave.
1c9a080b9a26e89995204ab0f71226df?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Elena
I love my new look. The color is beautiful and the keratin looks great. No more frizz. I'm so glad I did the keratin treatment. Turbo always does a great job. I take my daughter here too. She swims and had dry, damaged roots. She never liked going to get her hair done until she came to see Turbo. Now she asks me to make her an appointment.
e7d5f06305d1d6779a5674ffb72f937a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Carolina
I was recommended to Turbo by a friend and I love the haircut, single process and highlights
f44e3382d94a6a17e347a148197b1549?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Samik chatterjee
Turbo has been excellent for as long as I have been going there. Thank you.
df7b26495a83b4d978ac8ee3ef4b2dfc?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Tim Foley
Turbo does a fantastic job, is flexible , and most importantly consistent !
854ff0f3a14711a12c795eb9df487117?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Carrie
Run don't walk to make an appointment with Turbo (or any of their stylists)! You'll love the treatment and walk out feeling like a $1 million!!
64bf8e8f1edb14c1b97387dd61fa8caa?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Nazia
I have been coming to Dramatics for more than 3 years now and have always had a great experience. Turbo has been excellent with hair cuts, suggesting the right tone of hair color and styling in general. I have recommended dramatics and Turbo to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I trust Turbo with my hair, one of the most difficult things for me!!!!
e7d5f06305d1d6779a5674ffb72f937a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Dorothy
I'm very happy with my hair color and cut. Turbo does a very good job and it has been a great experience coming to Dramatics. Definitely recommend Turbo for blond high lights and cut.
5b26fb7fda65c21951acb48c27d8d423?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Todd
I've been going to Turbo for years. He gives the best haircut. Always consistent and professional. Highly recommended.
f58a5575c131c64998b8ca941db1f38c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Nancy
10 years Turbo's been cutting and coloring my hair. I'm a devotes client. He manages to get my hair to do things nobody else has been able too o. Always creative with new ideas yet never pushy.. He's taken me from long red hair to short, whisky blonde,, and still changing. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do all of this. Turbo's the master!
2d63d82f4d0df261df95561e8f0dd9e3?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo John
Turbo is awesome! Great for men and women's cuts. I am a loyal fan for +5 years.
385ee15c755c0b7fd6b0b1218c7bf660?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Bill
Everyone here is great, and Turbo has been my go-to for all my hair needs...from cuts to colors to fixes, for over 6 years now. Highly recommended!!!
7ff6726c507391b9bbe9d21854975bd2?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Andrea
I've been a client of Turbo for about four years now. He is a wonderful professional for color, highlights and haircut. He does a great job and with this new color product premium my hair looks fabulous. I really recommended. Thank you Turbo
703cbc5762ff32f0ec9364a4168e3fc5?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Deny Tierney-Katz
I have been coming to Turbo for some years now, he is a superb stylist and has great client appeal. His hair cuts are done with precision just terrific cuts
0c626aa7626f569731d6b2dbe5d83b9f?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Chris
I get a consistently great haircut from Turbo every time I come in. I always appreciate how he makes time for me even on short notice. I don't get my hair cut by anyone else!
254c5ba380710c1a6532b71a847b119c?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo David
The only stylist who I allow to cut my hair is Turbo. He is able to find that right combination of natural and neat - a look that works well in both casual and professional settings. He also has a keen eye for color and the organic process he uses allows me to live my fantasy of looking younger than I really am
a2aaf228c67d6bd89ab694bf3daed624?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Tina
I have been going to Turbo for a couple of years now. Am continually satisfied with the results. He is professional and listens to what I prefer. Great haircut and color always.
c1bee967d1f0f28ea81661f85a4d722a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Emily
Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of becoming Turbo's client. Turbo's coloring, cutting and styling skills are off the chart but so are his customer service skills as he has no problem going out of his way to accompany my schedule. I walk out feeling and looking like a million ( billion) bucks with the bouncy 'super-model' hair he always delivers!
4ccad64bee3cff3caa9fe25d9d6cfe9a?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Richard M
Turbo is uniquely great. Takes his time, knows what he's doing and great with scissors. All in all, you'll leave happy and with a great new cut.
cebd4389c85c1c9bbd0be8fa17c57587?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Marina
Turbo is just the best! I went from black to red to lighter beiwn with highlights and he always took care so my hair won't get damaged. He knows what he is doing and always gives you an honest and realistic opinion on the end result! Turbo is simply the best!
0368cc988a37f13f16420daa9f746e7b?s=25&d=mm&r=g Turbo Joan
Always pleasant t. I am always extremely happy with my experience and with my hair

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