Haute Couture Hair Gala Mystery Revealed

After publishing our last article regarding Dramatics NYC’s 57th Street salon, we got feedback and interest from readers in terms of the upcoming Haute Couture Hair Gala.

Readers were curious about exactly what manager Armani and the 57th Street Dramatics NYC hair salon had planned for their big event.

Up until now the Gala has been a mystery, but now in the following interview Armani tells all and details the special evening and contest.

This interview was done on Saturday night at the Gala itself.

D: Armani, thank you for speaking with us. Now that it is the night of the event, everyone wants to know – what’s this happening all about?

A: We wanted to do something different because everyone does runway. So we wanted to do a sort of a gallery opening of mannequins. Everyone uses live models and the problem with live models is that you sometimes end up not being able to do what you want to do – what your true vision was. So we decided to use mannequins and that way we could glue things on, make the hair any color that we wanted and come out with some great fantasy hairstyles.

D: Tell me about some of these hairstyles and what’s behind them…

A: Well as you can see every hairstyle is on a mannequin head which is also right next to its picture of inspiration. We did everything from geometry to nature to fire – many, many things. So whatever they wanted to choose as a picture of inspiration and then let the creativity flow.

D: Tell us about the process of creating this event…

A: Well I learned a lot in this process. You take a bunch of creative people and give them free reign…I find you still need to set some boundaries. It became chaos for a minute. It was stressful for a minute. But I think in the end we really turned out a great party and a lot of great hair so I’m very excited about it.

D: How are the judges going to decide the winner?

A: The judges are going to judge based on five different things: cleanliness, overall theme, creativity, color and style. So the hairstyles will be judged anonymously – who did what style is also not revealed to the judge so they focus just on the work. As well as Dramatics NYC’s clients will themselves get to choose their favorites. Also I just found out and am very excited that the judges will judge tonight and the winner will be announced at the Platinum PIAs Awards on November 10th.

D: Speaking of the PIAs I know you did a lot of terrific design work for them last year and were one of the keys to the success of the second annual Platinum PIAs. Last year they were done at Tribeca Screening Room which only fits about a hundred people and this year for the 3rd Annual PIAs they’re being done at a larger theater in the East Village that seats nearly 200. Are you happy the PIAs are growing?

A: Yes, I’m excited. I mean last year was my first time being involved with the PIAs – I think it was very cute, very classy. And I’d love to have more people be able to come to it. It was one of the best events that this company has been involved with since I’ve been here.

D: Speaking of the Platinum PIAs you actually have a Stylist of the Year PIA winner in your salon. How has it been working with a PIA winner this year?

A: J.D. has been fantastic.  He’s been a great mentor. He’s the assistant manager of the salon and works with all our stylists – just fantastic. And hopefully we’ll get the award again this year with Blanco, our new nominee.


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