Kick it in Pink with Ashley Tisdale

We caught up with Dramatics NYC general manager Safari at the exciting “Kick it in Pink” event at Macy’s with celebrity Ashley Tisdale of “High School Musical.” Dramatics is the sponsor of this event.

D: what’s going on with all this pink?

S: Dramatics NYC, in conjunction with Puma, is putting pink in everyone’s hair here at the Project pink event for cancer,. The pink symbolizes remembering this event and the importance of cancer awareness.

D: I notice that it is members of the Dramatics Dream Team who are putting pink in people’s hair. Tell me about this special team.

S: Five fantastic hairdressers were selected to be here today from the Dramatics Dream team. This team is a special arm of dramatics that travels all over to make people beautiful at events like this one as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and more. Dream Teamers here today include Sparkle and Edge from Columbus, Levi and Bella from Sixth Avenue and Armani from 57th Street. And they’re here just to support the event and volunteer for a good cause.

D: What method are the hair stylists of the Dream Team using to highlight people’s hair with pink?

S: There are two different methods of coloring hair. There is the regular color approach as well as chalk. The chalk technique, which is what we are using today, is very popular trend at the moment and washes out with shampoo and water

D: I heard that this event is one of many outreaches Dramatics is doing this year with their “Dramatics Gives Back” campaign.

S: Yes, we at Dramatics NYC are grateful to New Yorkers for making us the number one salon chain in Manhattan with nine locations throughout the city and are now giving back to those who helped make us who we are today.

D: It’s wonderful that Ashley Tisdale from “High School Musical” came out here today. I see the press packed in all around us with cameras.

S: Yes, were are extremely grateful to Ashley for taking out time from her busy calendar and being with us here today. She is definitely giving a big push to building Cancer awareness. It’s wonderful to see her generously using her visibility to help this important cause.

D: I know this is one of many events Dramatics is sponsoring including the Platinum PIAs Awards. And many of them are happening in the salons themselves. If I were to want to know when the next happening is so I can attend it, how would I find out this information?

S: Keep your eye on our blog entries. We mention upcoming event information in our blog at

This just in. In related Dream Team News, member Valentino (Oscar Campisi) brought his fashion prowess to doing the hair of the bride as seen in the blog “Pretty Brass Tacks”.


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