Who wants their haircuts last????

  • A good haircut lasts  longer after you leave hair salon.

But how long…….,exactly?

When I cut hair,of course  it is going to look good, BUT for how long?…..It all depends on the  information you give  to  your hairdressers. For instance, how long it\’s been your last haircut, how short are you looking for, whether  you want a change and etc…. The more information you provide will give better consequences because u have been dealing with your hair whole life,you know all about kooky things that can happen .
This applies to both men and women!!!!

In order to get a good haircut,u don\’t need to spend $200 or more….it\’s a myth that most people believe that the more they money they spend will give them better cuts…Not always true.

For men,good haircuts will last 3-6 weeks depending on their texture
For women,good haircuts will last at least 4-8 weeks depending on their texture as well…and how long or short they are getting.

If you are looking for fade cuts for men, or any mens cut please do give a chance to Pearl ,as she can fullfill your desire..
Same with women,if you have very fine,thin hair and looking for volume or movement or any difficulties you are facing, please try Pearl 😉. Her services and prices are very genuine!!!!


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