Dramaplex Services

The Dramaplex treatment is a great solution for dry, damaged hair. It is not a conditioner, but rather a chemical treatment actively operating on a molecular level. This binds together the broken protein bonds of your hair. These proteins act as armor against internal and external damage. For those of you who regularly dye your hair, or who have damaged hair, Dramaplex is the perfect solution to get back your soft and luscious locks. For everyone else, this treatment is still a fantastic way to help achieve healthy hair!

Dramaplex’s revolutionary technology repairs damaged hair by locating broken bonds to refuse them, ultimately improving the health and strength of your hair. Dramatics NYC’s very own Dramaplex is certified by award-winning professionals to be available to maximize your results!

First Available Stylist:

  • Short Hair $25
  • Med Hair $35
  • Long Hair $45