4 Things You Should Ask Your Hairstylist Before Getting a Haircut.

Before getting your next haircut, make sure to keep these things in mind!

1) What Style are you going for?

If you’re looking for something new, it’s important to ask what type of style your stylist has in mind. Do you have a picture of an existing cut you like?

Can your stylist describe what he or she is envisioning for your hair? It’s important to communicate with your hairstylist about what kind of look you’re going for and what makes sense with your face shape.

2) Color or no color?

Are you looking to change your hair color? Talk to your stylist before your appointment so they can give you options for color ranges that would look best on you.

Be sure to keep in mind skin tone, eye color, and hair type as well. Any extra treatments like highlights or keratin straightening should also be discussed in advance.

3) Type of cut you’re getting

If you’re getting bangs, tell your stylist if you want them to be straight across or swooped over. If you’re getting layers, tell them how short you want them cut and whether or not you have more volume in your crown.

And if you’re chopping off some hair, make sure to let them know what kind of haircut you are looking for. For example, do you want a pixie? Are you looking for some height in your crown?

4) Maintainability

When choosing your next stylist, ask whether she or he can maintain your hair’s look. Does she use sulfate-free products? Can you afford to return it if you don’t like it?

Is there anything, in particular, you want to be sure they do when they style your hair? Making sure you and your stylist are on exactly the same page will save everyone time, money, and effort—and keep you coming back for more!

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