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About Me

Safari, Rock, and Rio’s finest production started her involvement with Dramatics after college. Beginning as a receptionist, she worked her way up to salon manager and is now the general manager of all 5 salons. She worked hard and learned the business from the inside out and is an integral part of this family affair.


Safari, as the General Manager of the Dramatics NYC salon chain, oversees all 5 of its locations. She draws upon her extensive salon experience as well as background as a certified life coach to motivate managers and receptionists to create a special environment for clients. This environment is one in which the client is taken through a beautiful and enjoyable experience to achieve the goal of looking and feeling your best. Safari started working with Dramatics in 1996 as a receptionist, then moved up to being the manager of the 5th avenue salon, and finally in 2004 to the role of General Manager.


Safari is also an artist of multiple mediums such as food art, painting, film, and photography and also enjoys yoga and meditation. It is this artistic and holistic sensibility that inspires her to move forward with her vision for Dramatics as being a hub for the community. Safari is pursuing this vision through developing relationships with neighborhood organizations and institutions, including other businesses, local schools such as the School of Visual Arts.


Jaime Kolber AKA Safari, Executive Officer of Dramatics NYC. Salon Strategist. Certified Life Coach IPEC. Background in Film, Acting, Philosophy. A visionary and creative who expresses herself thru many mediums of art. She creates short films and music videos. Producer. Virtual marketer.

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