N.Y.C. Hair Salons by Ramon Trif

Location, location, location!

They say that where you operate your hair salon is just as important as what you offer to your clientele.

There is no place in the entire world other than New York City where you will have a more unique salon experience. Considered the capital city of the world, it justifies one more prestigious title of the epicenter for beauty and fashion. Being the melting pot that it is, New York City hair salons attract all walks of life. Various cultures, personalities, ages, and gender groups all are welcomed in the heart of this metropolis. 

Being a salon receptionist and coordinator for nearly two decades, I have seen it all and have met thousands upon thousands of wonderfully different people. I have learned more about people and their way of life than I could if I had traveled the world. In a New York City Salon, the world comes to you! We as hair stylists, apprentices and receptionists serve as much more than our default titles. To the people of the world, we are their therapists at times, their confidantes, their best friends even at times. We confide trust and dedication in one another. Not only with our look, but with the way we feel and carry ourselves. 

Keeping up with the times as top trends emerge, New York City is as progressive as it gets to accommodating this rapid, brave new world.  

Where else can you see a range of looks from a classic bob, to a rainbow balayage, to metallic peekaboo highlights? A great benefit is how a multitude of people can meld and converse with one another, learning something new.

Whether it’s the inspiration for a transformative look or the confidence boost needed by seeing another be daring and get that edgy haircut you had wanted to get! Dramatics NYC, the top chain salon for haircutting and color since 1984, has been the leader in such diversity and trend-setting. They have been evolving with the world for over thirty years and have inspired countless other salons to be as innovative and inviting as they are! 

After all, their slogan is “ Haircuts, for New Yorkers “. In our book, we are all New Yorkers in the end, coming together to experience the beauty that is, an NYC hair salon.

– Written by Ramon Trif

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