What are This Year’s Back-To-School Hair Trends?

2022 has been quite the year for all of us as we are gearing up for Fall, everything pumpkin-flavored, Halloween, the cool weather and of course, Back-To-School! A new season and semester await the future of our world. Rarely does anyone review what the youth of our nation is sporting as of late, so why not take a more in-depth look? Here are some of the most popular hair trends being rocked by kids this year!

Among high-schoolers and college goers, some of the most chosen hairstyles are ones with low maintenance. After all, doesn’t a student need a quickly put together do when they wake up late for class, that’s still presentable? Insert the Messy Top Knot. This on-the-go look takes literally but a few seconds to put together. Coupled with some whisper hairs or dueted with a micro fringe, you can never go wrong. The Half-Shaven style is another alternative to look cool while upkeep is minimal. Edgy and versatile, this is a great option for switching it up with ease. The young men are really into the Modern Mullet. As all things 80’s and 90’s are making a major comeback, so is the mullet returning with a bang!

We’ve seen what teenagers and young adults are up to this year, but what are some of the options for Grades 1-5? What are parents choosing for their child’s new “Fall look”? The infamous Shag with Curtain Bangs of the 70’s is favored by many for the natural look and easy management of it. Then there’s “The Bixie”. A cross between The Bob and The Pixie, it is the perfect haircut for a toddler who can’t manage their own hair. It gives it a “finished” look while still maintaining the softness of its natural flow. Don’t be surprised to see students looking more stylish than ever when that crisp Autumn breeze hits.

– Written by Ramon Trif


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