What is Holographic Hair?

Remember when balayage hair was the latest and greatest “must get” for your hair?

It was all the craze due to how unique and beautiful the finished look is. To make grown out roots look stylized is surely impressive. Still very much popular, however there is an emerging trend that is taking the world by storm- and that’s holographic hair!

Yes, you read that correctly. Holographic.

Coloring techniques have evolved such a long way that Hair Artists can now change the color of your hair to an array of pastel-like, metallic hues of rainbow! The fun doesn’t stop there. The way these shades are applied through a mixture of high gloss colors, makes it appear that the hair is actually changing form and reflecting as you run your fingers through it! Now we can officially say we’re in “the future” of hair trends!

Who is this latest, bombastic technique for exactly?

Well, anyone really! I myself, am a future candidate for holographic hair as it would suit my artistic personality perfectly. I love different colors and standing out from everyone else. So, what better way to do that than with actual shape-shifting hair? Holographic hair looks most effective on long hair as you can see much more dimension, however any length can be achieved. Each look can be customized to the individual’s needs, personality and lifestyle all while looking professional with an edge. Here’s to the future and what the next evolution of hair we will experience!

– Written by Ramon Trif

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