Why CBD is so Beneficial for Your Hair

Sulfates. Parabens. Additives.

Some of the most unattractive and harmful terms to find on a hair care bottle. These are the most damage-inducing ingredients that most brands use to fulfill their recipe for substituting over quality ingredients. Dramatics NYC has been using a natural-based formula for all of their take home products, as they strive on bringing excellence to your hair. Quality indeed counts and they have discovered an all-around winning formula, exclusive to Dramatics NYC.

Their entire line of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aides are of course sulfate-free, paraben-free;

there are no unnecessary additives and are organically-based. Some of their most successful lines have been the “Quench” line and the “Thicken” line. Both designed to be color-safe and highly beneficial for your hair. The Quench line helps for needed moisture and the Thicken is for extra volume. These established take home products have been evolved even further to the new and enhanced “Just Chill” CBD line. Now boasting luxurious ingredients such as hemp oil, cbd oil and rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.

The overall health benefits of CBD are now internationally-renowned and certified to effectively work!

CBD, an extraction from the hemp plant, contains no THC and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It not only works for aches and pains, skin care and ingestion to naturally relax and reduce anxiety, it has astounding hair benefits it turns out! It naturally gives volume to the hair shaft, it cleanses your scalp of any impurities and adds shine to hair. CBD is taking over the world and it starts at the epicenter of Dramatics NYC!

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