The Top 3 Haircut Trends of 2022

The past three years have been hectic for everyone worldwide, during these trying times.

What has persevered and emerged stronger than ever in 2022 is the desire for new fashion and hair trends. Our image suffered not being able to regularly visit our beauty salons that we frequent and trust. Hair Artists certainly stepped up their game this year and have a lot to show off. Here are the top three trending haircuts of 2022!

Both men and women alike came out of 2021 with long hair and with roots showing.

The need for change was in demand. A new look. The main focus of 2022 seems to be on texturizing the hair and angling it. Our first trend begins with a textured short bob haircut. Bobs are in! The next level of bob haircuts sees it cut at a sharper angle, giving it a more youthful edge. Texturizing it removes any unnecessary weight, allowing it to bounce and flow freely. This look provides finesse with a light-hearted touch.

Bangs are in more than ever now! For those who are still on the fly about getting them, you should really consider asking for a shag haircut with curtain bangs. The shag gives you a stylishly “messy” look reminiscent of the 70’s, while the newly established fringe is balanced enough to ensure your comfort level with its look. Quite a favored choice for women this year.

The overall top requested haircut of 2022 is none other than The Tousled Lob Haircut.

The attraction to it is its unique fusion of several long and short cutting techniques, layering and of course, texture. It gives it a refined edge but allows flexibility for those longer layers to shine through. Some celebrities with this cut include Margot Robbie, Hailey Baldwin and Mila Kunis. What will 2023 and thereafter hold for the future of beauty trends? We await to see.

-Written by Ramon Trif


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